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Pointing is the process of replacing deteriorated mortar in the joints of a masonry wall with new mortar. If your property has disintegrating mortar, cracks in mortar joints, loose bricks or stones, damp walls or damaged plasterwork then you need repointing.


Flush and Weather Struck Pointing

We are specialists in all form of pointing work and will give you honest advice to the condition of your walls, if it needs a small pointing repair, then that's what we will recommend. If it needs more we will show you where. We are a well established company repointing brickwork in the North west and across the UK.

Easy ways to spot if brickwork pointing is needed

1. You will see little bits of cement around the base of your walls that has fallen away.

2. Run your finger along the brickwork lines, if there is parts missing or loose then you may need a repointing job done.

Sand and Cement Ridge Tiles

Re-bedding is when the sand and cement mortar (bedding) no longer bonds to the ridge tile, this is due to neglect to the ridge pointing. The bedding becomes dis-bonded and brittle with constant weathering due to no protection from the outer pointing skin allowing the bedding to decay.This makes it easier for the ridge tile to blow off in high winds causing more damage

When removing ridge caps great care must be taken to prevent breaking any of the existing roof tiles. All sand and cement mortar must be cleaned from the tiles, before the Re-bedding can begin.

We uses Re-bedding frames - this not only makes the job easier it guarantee's a straight ridge every time. Once the ridge caps have been laid, the excess mortar is trimmed off and FlexiPoint can be trowelled on Applying FlexiPoint will protect the bedding for many years to come and prevent any cracking of the ridge system

Ridge Tiles
Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting and Acid Cleaning

We understand how different stone surfaces stand up to the blasting process, so are able to advise on the most suitable sandblasting procedure for a particular application. With our expertise and careful selection of blast media used at the correct pressure even the softness of stone can usually be cleaned without damage to intricate areas.

We are also able to shot blast concrete surfaces whether vertical or horizontal, internal or external.

Using blast-cleaning methods, we can remove layers of old paint and tarnish to restore stone work to its original splendour, or prepare the surface for a new paint job. Large areas of graffiti can usually be removed successfully and with the minimum amount of disruption. Blast cleaning is regularly used on stone, brick or cast concrete in preparation for tanking of damp walls.

Brick and Stone Damage Repair

For a variety of reasons bricks can get damaged, marked or stained. You may have had a downpipe fixed to your wall which has been removed or cracks have appeared over time due to new windows or door installations. Your wall now is left with unsightly holes, cracked or broken bricks and needs repairing.

Using a power drill or grinder we rake out the cement, make several holes in the brick to be removed and then cut out the damaged area. The mortar and dust is swept out of the joints and flushed away by hosing down with water.

To replace damaged bricks we need to ensure that the same type of materials are used, the sand and cement is mixed to the strength and colour matched with the existing mortar. We lay a bed of mortar to the area where the replacements will be laid and skilfully point the cement to finish.

Brick and stone repair
Heritage and lottery funded work

Heritage and Lottery funded

Lime mortar with it's renowned longevity is in many ways a superior product to cement. It allows water to be evaporated from it therefore self-sealing any tiny holes and thus keeping the inner walls dry.

If you have a property that is pointed using lime then it is crucial that it is repaired in a lime mortar and never cement. Cement aggresively repels water from absorbtion, with old buildings the cement would simply drive the water into the aged bricks and damage all the brickwork severly.

As one of the UK's leading Lime Mortar Specialists we can repair full structures, supply custom mortar mixes to match existing brickwork and also supply bulk mixes for entire repoints.

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